At the origin of Unimodes, there are three brothers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit: Jean, Elie and Raphaël Amiel.

They created their company in 1970 and started their activity by designing and manufacturing clothes in their factory based in Casablanca, Morocco. To meet very high demand, Unimodes quickly opened several manufacturing companies, Elicopte and Americ, which at that time produced between 5,000 and 10,000 pieces each day.

To remain competitive, while the price war is increasingly fierce, Jean Elie and Raphaël decide to outsource their productions to China, India and Bangladesh. Their customers (traders and textile professionals) are therefore guaranteed to benefit from the best quality / brand / price ratio.

Today, Unimodes is a dynamic company that creates jobs in the Ile-de-France region. A team of 30 people thus manages all the creation, logistics and marketing services, directly from the premises located in Aubervilliers.

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Unimodes is the symbol of a French success story This family business has established itself over time in an ultra-competitive sector: the textile industry. Both wholesaler and distributor for multi-brand shops, large brands, specialized chains, e-commerce sites, private sales, street sales and home sales in France and Europe. Unimodes is the French market leader in the wholesale of children's and babies' textiles. This success can be explained by the values written in Unimodes' DNA, as explained by Jean Elie Amiel (co-founder): With a workforce of 30 employees, we remain a structure on a human scale. This allows us to be very responsive, in particular to offer new collections for each brand that are truly in tune with the times, every season.


  • 5000 m2 of storage


  • 5 people in France


The textile industry must constantly reinvent itself to remain competitive and in line with the expectations of its customers. Textile traders and professionals should be able to easily find fashionable products without wasting time, but which also offer excellent value for money. As a wholesaler and distributor, Unimodes has been resolutely committed to their side for almost 40 years! This is why we decided for example to launch Kiddystore, an online platform which offers them the best of the digital revolution: in a few clicks, our customers can consult and order more than 3500 references, among the most prestigious licenses. (Avengers, Hello Kitty, Disney, Paris-Saint-Germain), sold at very attractive prices. We also offer them exclusive brands such as Lee Cooper and RG512. It is about enabling our customers to stand out and stand out by offering recognized brands with a strong capital of sympathy. The stakes are high: with the arrival on the market of discount brands like Primark, all those involved in the textile sector can no longer rely solely on a low price policy to attract customers. Unimodes has another peculiarity: a real local anchoring. In the textile industry, you should know that most wholesalers / distributors outsource their production and operate on a just-in-time basis: stocks are located abroad and manufacturing is often started to order. If their goal is to save money, it is the customers who suffer from this organization because the order times are much longer. By having a storage space of 3000m² in Ile-de-France, and taking care of the internal management and logistics, we eliminate this major drawback. Finally, our longevity has won over prestigious brands: we are the only ones to design and distribute Lee Cooper Enfant and RG512 clothing.

Permanent stock
Our stocks are renewed each season to constantly offer new products.
Exclusive brand
Our company exclusively manufactures brands that you do not find anywhere else.
Internal logistics
In-house processing, for better monitoring and guaranteeing you more speed.
Value for money
We offer products with the best pricing in relation to the quality of our products.
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For an appointment or a visit we have two showrooms at your disposal.
International Distribution
We distribute our products in all countries with adapted monitoring and pricing.