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Kiddystores licenses

Kiddystores offers many licensed brands. The goal? That every dealer of branded clothing is found in our collection of products. We carefully select the brands we work with in order to offer retailers both quality and modern licensed clothing.

Licenses and branded clothing, trust Kiddystores!

From Cars to Frozen, passing the Paris Sait Germain and RG512, discover on Kiddystores, branded clothing for children and adults. No doubt your customers will appreciate the wide choice of T-shirts, short or long-sleeved polos, but also the pants, shorts and other accessories that we offer on our e-shop. Your customers looking for a gift that will do its bit can only melt for the jogging pants FC Barcelona. What delight all children for Christmas, their birthday or no reason! This is not to mention the British brand Lee Cooper, known for the quality of its offer in jeans and denim. As for the little girl, Ladybug, Hello Kitty and Frozen clothing will be a great success, no doubt. And because babies and children are not the only ones who love beautiful designer clothes, on the contrary, Kiddystores also offers you a selection of lots of clothes for adults.

Branded clothing for adults

Men who adore a fashionable look, while remaining comfortable and easy to wear, will find their happiness among the RG512 clothing on offer. And if you like your little ones to wear the same outfits as you, the city brand also exists for children. Do not wait any longer and do your shopping from our selection! Kiddystores, wholesaler of branded clothing, is the insurance to buy lots of football club clothes such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Paris Saint Germain (PSG). But also in clothing and accessories licensed with the favorite heroes of young and old.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 48 items
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