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> Is the payment secured ?

> My payment has been declined, what should I do?

> Pay my order to the store?

> The means of payment proposed?

> Where to download the images?

Customer account

> How to know my discount codes?

> I want to change my details, how to do?

> How to delete my online account?

> I do not see the prices?

> I can not connect


> I received my package but it is damaged what should I do?

> Is my order well taken into account?

> How long does it take to prepare my order?

> How to use my promo code?

> How to get the invoice for my order?

> Can I add articles or modify my already validated order?

> I can not validate my command ?

> How to cancel my order?

> Where can I find the tracking link for my delivery?


> How long do I receive refunds for products not received or not shipped?

> How long do I receive the refund for my return?

> I received a bad product. What to do ?

> Is there an item missing in the package?

> The product does not suit me?

> The product is defective what should I do?


> I filled in the wrong delivery address. What to do ?

> My package is delivered but I have not received anything?

> What are the delivery times ?

> In which country do we deliver?

> Can I pick up my order at the store?

> Where can I find the tracking link for my delivery?


> I found cheaper products elsewhere?

> Create a customer account ?

> How to contact our stores?

> I wish to receive a product catalog?

> Are the prices displayed for professionals?

> I can not find the product I'm looking for?

> Where are our stores?

> What are the store hours?