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Showing 1 - 32 of 151 items

Wholesale online clothing and accessories for men RG512

Kiddystores is your online wholesaler of men's clothing and accessories from the RG512 brand. It is aimed at all professionals in the sale of men's clothing.

An exclusive men's RG512 collection

Supplier and online wholesaler of men's clothing brand RG512, we offer new collections every year. Official and exclusive licensee of the brand, we allow our professional customers to offer a complete collection to its loyal customers permanently.

We are committed to presenting you with unique and essential products, allowing you to expand your collections by purchasing a new complete clothing brand.

Thus, if you are a shop specializing in the sale of t-shirts and polos with short sleeves and long sleeves, you will find in our pages all that the brand RG512 proposes in terms of shapes and colors, with models of collar in V or round neck.

If you are looking for jogging and tracksuits next season, we have a wide choice to offer.

Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests for men are not forgotten, with an original design proposal, adapting perfectly to all sizes and declined in all sizes. Your customers will surely fall for hoodies or vests designed in the most contemporary streetwear style.

A wholesaler available and listening

Online wholesaler, Kiddystores can also receive you in France to present you his branded clothes. Thus, you can confidently choose from our new products created in our offices those that will replenish your departments or pages of your online sales site.

Feel free to visit the pages of our site, from jackets to capsswimwear to jeans and pants, we present all that creates the brand RG512 in terms of quality clothing for men.

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